Good health starts with choice.

More opportunities to make the healthy choice means better outcomes for your members.

Promises delivered. 

Member-driven innovation.

Always seeking to do more for your members, we push our products—and, by extension, your health plans—to deliver the choices they want and need. 

Simplify the path to health. 

No one can make healthy decisions for your members. But we can reduce barriers and provide options that make their choices easier. 

Forward for the long haul.

Believing long-term health is a series of daily decisions, we design programs that support steps members can start taking today—and keep taking tomorrow. 

Food products example, cherry, carrot, jar and apple shown

Strengthen your plan with OTC and food options. 

Whether you’re simply looking to offer over-the-counter basics or a robust benefit that includes thousands of OTC and food options, we’ve got a product that will fit seamlessly into your plan.  


Deliver tools to pursue better health with Ready Sets™

Thoughtfully packed with products and guidance to help members prepare for the next phase of their health, Ready Sets can be added to your plan at any time. 

Over the counter product examples shown with jars and bottles

Some clients we work with.

“The OTC benefit allows our members to keep their costs low and have items shipped to their home without worries. It puts us in a position to lift the burden our members face on a daily basis.”
Health Plan CEO