Better health for your members made easy.

Good health starts with good decisions. We work with you to make these healthy choices easier for your members. With our innovative programs and products that fit seamlessly into your health plans, you can improve member satisfaction while protecting their health for the long run.

Our approach.

Purposeful Program Design

We make it our business to understand the diverse needs of members like yours. Through this understanding, we can help you choose the products that will best serve their health.

Seamless Integration

All our products fit seamlessly into your existing health plan. We handle all the white-labeled materials, support, product curation, and program delivery through a turnkey approach that builds member trust.

Ongoing Optimization

Customizable reports give you insight into how members are using your program so you can find ways to get them more engaged in their health.

Some clients we work with.

“The OTC benefit allows our members to keep their costs low and have items shipped to their home without worries. It puts us in a position to lift the burden our members face on a daily basis.”
Health Plan CEO

Products to enhance your health plan. 

Representing the latest in health, all our products are designed to help your members make good choices. From over-the-counter and food programs to curated Ready Sets™ kits, you can give them access to a healthier tomorrow.

Results for you.
Change for healthcare.

FirstLine Benefits programs support your member retention and acquisition efforts, but our impact goes beyond our customers and even their members.

Healthcare worker
“We had the chance to delight our members with a COVID-19 Ready Set. The FirstLine Benefits team identified meaningful products to help show members how much we care about them during this challenging time.”