The ripple of our impact

Our purpose as a company is to make the healthy choice the easy choice—for both health plans and members. We do this by working with organizations like yours to give people access to products they need to make better decisions for their health.

We make it our business to understand the diverse needs of members like yours. Through this understanding, we can help you choose the supplemental benefits that will best serve their health and your bottom line.

The OTC benefit allows our members to keep their costs low and have items shipped to their home without worries. It puts us in a position to lift the burden our members face on a daily basis.
—Ellen, health plan CEO

Health plan impact

Our suite of products can help improve your satisfaction metrics with benefits members want and use.


Member satisfaction rate4


Net Promoter Score4


Enrollment in 5.0 Star-rated MA plans offering OTC benefits1

Member impact

Support healthy decision making by giving members access to OTC products, healthy food and education —all at no cost to them.


of adults use OTC medicines as a first response to minor ailments2

5.2 million

older Americans faced the threat of hunger in 20203


Member satisfaction rate4

Health care utilization impact

When members take advantage of their OTC benefits, it can make a positive impact on how they use the healthcare system.

$167.1 billion

annual savings from reduction in doctor visits and prescription medications5


annual savings realized from self-treating with OTCs vs doctor visits/treatments5


annual savings due to lower costs of OTC medicines vs prescriptions5

There are many stories about how these programs allow members to do things they couldn’t before. One used the money she saved to join a local cooking class. Another bought Christmas presents for her grandkids.
—Erin, health plan Member Engagement Manager

1. Milliman Report. An Analysis of Supplemental Benefit Prevalence in Medicare Advantage Plans. 2020.
2. For ailments such as allergies, pain, cough and cold, and acid reflux/upset stomach. Understanding Trust in Over-the-Counter Medicine: Consumer and Healthcare Provider Perspectives. Nielsen and IMS, Mar. 2013.
4. Optum Personal Care Benefits internal program analysis.
5. IRI Self-Care Syndicated Segmentation. 2020.