FirstLine Benefits is now
Optum® Personal Care Benefits

Good things take time, so you’ll see both names for a while. But we’ll still be here ready to serve you with innovative, in-demand benefits your members will love and use.


Who are we?

Optum® Personal Care Benefits (formerly FirstLine Benefits) manages fee-for-service over-the-counter (OTC) supplemental benefits programs. Our programs make it easy for health care plan members to access plan-paid dollars to use on CMS-approved OTC products and food items they may need.

Why are we changing
our name?

By changing our name, we are embracing who we have always been. As a subsidiary of Optum, we have the experts and insights across every aspect of health to solve the challenges you face every day. We’re an integrated whole-health team that puts you and your members at the heart of everything we do.

What’s changing?

Just our brand is changing. We have a new name and logo, but you still get the same team, same benefit products, and outstanding customer service you’ve come to expect.

What do we do?

Optum® Personal Care Benefits offers OTC benefits that provide members with credit dollars on account to spend on CMS-approved OTC products to help them stay healthy. Members can shop for OTC products such as cold medicines, vitamins and supplements, home health care products and even healthy food.

What type of market
segments can participate
in these benefit programs?

Optum® Personal Care Benefits programs are available to any line of business including Medicare, Medicaid, commercial, group retiree, unions, etc.

Why are these benefits important?

OTC products are often the first line of treatment for all kinds of minor ailments and are good to just have on hand in case they’re needed —especially for people who are underserved or who have mobility or transportation challenges. Our programs can help improve member retention and overall health, while helping to reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room.¹


less ER visits in member-utilized OTC programs¹


of adults use OTC products as their first response to minor ailments²


of all primary care physicians recommend an OTC product before they prescribe a medication²


of consumers prefer taking an OTC medication when available vs. a prescription medication³

1. 2020 Study: Impact of OTC programs on healthcare utilization and cost.
2. For ailments such as allergies, pain, cough and cold, and acid reflux/upset stomach. Understanding Trust in Over-the-Counter Medicine: Consumer and Healthcare Provider Perspectives. Nielsen and IMS, Mar. 2013